Luxury Lokum with Zereshk Berries & Pistachio

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AED 350


Our glorious Behlul Turkish Delight sweets are not commercially made. They are handmade and hand-rolled using traditional techniques and the very best ingredients so that quality and taste are not compromised. Divinely soft and full of flavour, one bite will immediately transport your taste buds to Istanbul. This recipe uses barberries, or zereshk – a tiny dried red fruit which explodes with a rich, tart flavour. They come from Iran, where they’re used to add freshness to rice and chicken dishes. Combined with the distinct taste of Turkey’s famed Antep pistachios, our zereshk and pistachio recipe is a stunning combination. Barberries are high in pectin - said to have a prebiotic effect, and were once much valued for jams and jellies by English cooks, who called them ‘pipperages’.

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