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The history of Sicily is nothing short of atemperamental journey of the senses with the plethora of influences it has received from the Turks to Alexander Great. What has remained consistent, even in tumultuous times is the quality of their Oranges, personified historically as the original fragrance of the world and a marvel in the 21st century confectionery industry. The latest discovery is the Sicilian Bergamot, it is the size of an orange but the colour of a lemon personifying the most unique combination in the realm of Citrus. Unearthing the tang has been skillfully under taken by our artisans who carefully hand cut the zest and enrich the Bergamot in the highest form of 35 % cocoa. The capacity in which the Bergamot Zest will refresh the taste palette is infinite and with every chocolate dipped bite you are taken on an expedition only the Medici wish they could experience. 

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